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At New College, academics are divided into three main divisions: Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. We offer nearly 40 different Areas of Concentration (Majors), including several established interdisciplinary concentrations.

Division of Humanities

In Humanities, you will engage in critical and analytical study of primary works such as literature, historical documents, cultural artifacts and documentation, as well as critical engagement with secondary or scholarly approaches to these objects and their fields. Areas of study include ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, English, religion, art and visual and performing arts such as music and theater.

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Division of Social Sciences

If you devour books on history, are intrigued by politics, or want to understand why people – and animals – act the way that they do, then the Social Sciences may be where you find your niche.

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Division of Natural Sciences

Are you interested in doing research? Do you spend extra time in the science lab perfecting an experiment? Are you eager to study marine life or analyze some of the smallest structures on the planet? Are you really, really good with numbers? Then you may find your area of study within the Division of Natural Sciences.

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Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs offer New College students the flexibility to pursue a course of study from a range of disciplines.

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Areas of Concentration (AOC) Leading to a Bachelor’s Degree:

Double and Joint Areas of Concentration
It is possible to complete a Double Area of Concentration (or double major), for which you complete all the requirements for two different areas of concentration.

You can also design a Joint-Disciplinary Concentration (we sometimes call this a “slash major”) in which you work with faculty from two different disciplines to design a coherent course of study. Examples include political science/international and area studies, music/philosophy, English/gender studies, and chemistry/environmental studies.

*Combined Areas of Concentration
The Theater and Urban Studies programs can only be completed as part of a combined area of concentration.

Special Program Areas of Concentration
With the approval of faculty, you can create your own Special Program Area of Concentration in an area that is not regularly offered at New College. Examples include cultural studies, entomology, and gender and ethnic studies. Usually these special areas are modeled on similar programs offered at other colleges and universities.

General Studies
Students who choose to graduate in General Studies will not have an area of concentration recorded on their transcript. A General Studies concentration requires the endorsement of faculty from at least two divisions and presupposes study in all three divisions.

Professional School Preparation
Students may prepare for professional school in the context of most Areas of Concentration offered at New College. Faculty and the Center for Engagement and Opportunity provide guidance for students preparing for medical or veterinary school, law or business school, and other advanced degree programs.