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As you would expect from one of the country’s top undergraduate liberal arts colleges, the French program at New College balances strong work in language with robust study of literature and culture from the French-speaking world. Students may choose an Area of Concentration (AOC) in French Literature and Culture or a Joint-Disciplinary AOC that combines French with another discipline. For students whose primary goal is developing their command of the French language, we also offer Secondary Fields in French Language or in French Language and Culture (which includes a more literary and cultural focus).

Literature courses, available to both French and English speakers, cover topics from medieval romance through 21st-century media. We emphasize critical and creative writing as well as verbal communication, so you might analyze that classic Molière comedy, write a parody of it, perform scenes with your classmates, or debate its relevance to current events. With strong links to fields like Art History, History, and International Studies, the French program lets you explore the vast and influential French-speaking world.

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  • Elementary French I & II
  • Intermediate French I & II
  • Advanced French I & II
  • Literary Movements of 19th-Century France
  • World War II France in Film and Fiction
  • On Stage in Paris and Montréal: 20-21st-Century Theatre

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  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Education
  • Civil and Foreign Service
  • Intelligence
  • Journalism
  • Law

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