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The German AOC emphasizes a fully immersive approach alongside practical applications to explore the diverse history and literature of Germany. We explore the opportunities and challenges Germany faces today and why they matter globally.

About the German Area of Concentration

At New College, the study of German is about much more than reading, writing and conversing in the language, although you will do that. Courses are offered in translation and in the original language. You might study the tradition of folk and fairytales with German roots, or you might learn about the history of Black people in Germany from early stage depictions to contemporary art and filmmaking. Advanced work in German allows you to study current events or arrange for guided reading of major authors. You’ll also explore Germany’s complex culture and history through coursework across other disciplines, such as history, art history, religion, music, or philosophy. All of this will help you understand not only the rich and diverse history and literature of Germany but the social, cultural and economic opportunities and challenges Germany faces today and its global significance.

Recent courses

  • Advanced German: Current Events
  • Elementary German I
  • Elementary German II
  • Fantasy in Russia and Germany: Intercultural Dialogues
  • German Conversation and Composition: German Media
  • Intermediate German I
  • Intermediate German II
  • Straying from the Path: Red Riding Hood in Text and Film

Career Pathways

  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Education
  • Civil and Foreign Service
  • Intelligence
  • Journalism

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