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Students in the Creative Writing AOC cultivate imaginative literacy and cognitive flexibility by studying multiple genres, understanding craft from a cross-cultural perspective, and applying their creative skills both on and off the page. 

About the Creative Writing Area of Concentration

The holistic AOC in Creative Writing encourages students to explore aesthetics and methods across and between disciplines and genres.

In addition to instruction in the craft of writing and the history of literary art, coursework in Creative Writing develops core skills—like empathy, respect for other points of view, and critical thought—necessary to sustain creative livelihoods after graduation: whether that involves teaching, professional writing, using writing to inform or enrich a corresponding career, or—like Marianne Moore, William Carlos Williams, T.S. Eliot, Ted Kooser, and Michael Cunningham—writing and publishing books alongside a “day job.”

In keeping with this goal, students in Creative Writing practice engaging with the politics and issues of the larger world; building community via the literary arts; and responding to tense cultural issues and challenging situations precisely, directly, and creatively.

“The Creative Writing AOC will help students explore their value as artists and learn how to flex their creative muscles both on and off the page.”

Emily Carr
Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing 

Recent Courses

  • Electronic Literature: Intermediate/Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
  • Beginnings and Endings: A Beginning Creative Writing Workshop
  • How a Woman Becomes a Lake and Other Unheroic Acts: A Craft Seminar in Gender and Genre Bending
  • The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Reading as a Writer Seminar
  • Uncategorizable: A Multi-Media Poetry Workshop
  • Writing Environments

Career Pathways

  • YA Fiction Author
  • Journalist
  • Magazine Editor
  • Technical Communications
  • Small Press Publisher
  • Marketing and Communications
  • College Composition Instructor
  • Advertising
  • Law

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