Campus Police Emergency Information and Services

For all life-threatening fire or medical emergencies, please dial 911.

To reach Campus Police, call (941) 487-4210.

Active Shooter

Learn what to do in the event of an active shooter incident.

Bomb Threat

Bomb threats are usually made to disrupt normal operations of the campus; often to delay or cancel a test or exam. It is, however, imperative that all bomb threats be taken seriously. Learn the procedures to be taken by anyone who receives a bomb threat against any facility or person on campus.

Blue Emergency Phones

The New College campus is equipped with a system of emergency telephones, known as “blue phones.” When activated, these phones dial directly into the Campus Police Department. Click the link below to view the location of these phones on campus.

Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency, New College will communicate via the NCF Safe emergency notification system. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the NCFSafe website to make sure your telephone numbers, email addresses and text message numbers are listed correctly. To sign up or for more information, visit the New College NCSafe page.

Emergency Management Resources

Sarasota County Emergency Management
Manatee County Emergency Management
Alert Sarasota, a free emergency system that allows you to receive calls, email alerts or text messages about events that could impact your neighborhood.
WeatherSTEM, up-to-the-minute weather information for the New College area.
National Weather Service Tampa Bay forecast page