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About the Animal Wellbeing & Conservation Area of Concentration 

In this AOC we take an interdisciplinary approach that includes theory and practice to learn about other animals’ biological and psychological worlds and humans’ responsibilities and roles in relation to these other species. Students who graduate in this area of concentration pursue career paths in animal training, national park and other educators, graduate school, medical school, veterinary school, zoo or aquarium technicians or managers, animal lab technicians, natural resource government agency officers (e.g., NOAA, Fish and Wildlife, USDA), animal protection, and animal-oriented policy advisors and advocates.

“I’m working with some of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s Animal Care Team to prepare one of their dolphins (Nicholas) for a behavioral study. I think the most rewarding aspect of this, for me, has been all the invaluable experience. I get to watch every day as people work with dolphins, otters and pelicans. The fact that Dr. Harley specifically asked me to do this internship is such an honor. I think that being exposed to such valuable work as an undergraduate at New College has prepared me for a future career in the field of animal behavior.”

Hannah Nations, `22

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  • Introduction to Animal Wellbeing
  • Animal Behavior
  • Wildlife Behavior & Management
  • Goldfish Learning & Cognition
  • Cognitive Psychology

Career Pathways

  • Animal care specialist
  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinary technician
  • Animal trainer
  • Animal Policy Advisor
  • Animal Protection Advocate
  • Wildlife Educator
  • Researcher
  • Laboratory technician
  • Zoo or Aquarium technician
  • Natural Resource Government Officer
  • Agricultural manager

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