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The program in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) explores the dynamic nature and multivalent possibilities of performance as an interdisciplinary field, operating at the intersection of theory and practice. 

About Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

TDPS conceives of performance expansively, valuing broad connections over narrow specialization. We train students to engage with multiple forms of performance in traditional theatrical contexts, as well as broader ways of thinking and being in society. TDPS students learn to communicate effectively in speech, writing, and embodied practice, to collaborate effectively with others, and to apply their skills in critical analysis to both the production and the consumption of the performances that surround us. The program is broadly interdisciplinary, involving faculty with many different areas of expertise, from dance practice to philosophies of embodiment and from contemporary and experimental theatrical performance to histories of performance and theatrical practice. TDPS prepares students for collaborative endeavors in many fields after graduation, including but not limited to careers in the performing arts and arts-adjacent professions.

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This theatrical production company provides opportunities for students in the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Area of Concentration and students from across the campus to engage with the performing arts. Learn more and see upcoming performances. Learn More

Recent courses

  • Acting II Audition Techniques
  • Acting Techniques of Voiceover
  • Afro-Modern Dance
  • Ballet I
  • Basics of Theater Production
  • The Cultural Politics of Listening
  • The Elements of Dance
  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Heritage and Tourism Performance
  • Intermediate-Advanced Contemporary Dance
  • Introduction to Stage Management
  • Russian Theatre and Drama in the International Context – Transmissions and Transformations
  • Sound Studies: An Introduction
  • Theater History I
  • Voice and Movement for the Actor
  • Western Art Music Tradition
  • Arts Management

Career Pathways

  • Performance
  • Technical Theatre
  • Production
  • Education
  • Arts Administration
  • Event Planning
  • Communications and Broadcasting

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