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Classics is the study of the languages, culture, history, and thought of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. It is one of the most varied and interdisciplinary of all subjects.

About the Classics Area of Concentration

Students of Classics study literature (epic, drama, historical writing, etc.), but they may also connect their study with history, archaeology, philosophy (both ancient and modern), religion, art history/criticism, and linguistics. Students of Classics develop strong analytical skills necessary for the study of ancient languages and foundational to a range of contemporary disciplines. Whether you want to learn languages, read literature, learn about early drama as both practice and art, explore the effect of the past on the present, or learn to apply science to arts, Classics has something for everyone. See Outcomes of Graduates from the Classics AOC

“I might not even be studying classics if it weren’t for the amazing classics department at New College.”

Margaret Anne Freeman (History and Classics)
2020 Graduate


Recent Courses

  • Advanced Latin: Apuleius, Cupid and Psyche
  • Advanced Latin: Ovid, Metamorphoses
  • Classical Mythology
  • Elementary Homeric Greek I
  • Greek and Roman Lyric Poetry
  • Ancient Epic
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Love and Sex in the Ancient World
  • Roman Civilization

Career Pathways

  • Educator
  • Library and information sciences
  • Translation
  • Museum work
  • Law
  • Medicine

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