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About the Political Science Area of Concentration

Political science studies people and the institutions that govern them across different political, social, and economic contexts. Central to the discipline is knowledge of the government and politics of nations and their subunits, analysis of political principles and ideas, international dynamics, political conflict, policymaking, elections, social movements, and political participation. The program pays special attention to the skills necessary to analyze the political world in a systematic and rigorous way, including a focus on research design, qualitative and quantitative research methodology, and original research.

Students have considerable flexibility in planning their studies across topics and geographic areas; some concentrate on the politics of the United States, while others develop an interest in areas such as Latin America, Europe, Asia, or Africa, and still others create their own specializations. Beyond courses and tutorials, many of our students complete internships or work in organizations or on campaigns to gain the experience needed not only to understand but also to participate in political processes. Each student’s program of study culminates in a senior project under the close guidance of a faculty member. Our program is particularly useful to students who wish to go on to government service, law, diplomacy, electoral campaigns, nonprofit advocacy, political journalism, and graduate school.

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Recent courses

  • Democratic Theory
  • International Law and Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • Introduction to American Politics
  • Introduction to Political Theory
  • Introduction to World Politics
  • Political Geography
  • Political Science Research Design Workshop
  • Politics of South Asia
  • Quantitative Political Analysis II
  • R for GIS and Political Geography
  • Rural Politics in the United States
  • Transitions from War to Peace
  • Transitions to Democracy in Comparative Perspective
  • U.S. Constitutional Law: Structures and Powers of Government
  • U.S. Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties

Career Pathways

  • Law
  • Politics
  • Public Policy
  • Urban Planning
  • Social Services
  • Communications 
  • Community Coordinator
  • Development Specialist
  • Diplomacy
  • Intelligence
  • Nonprofit Administration

Pre-Law Program

In an effort to share valuable resources and create strong connections between students, the Pre-Law program is designed for students interested in pursuing a legal career.

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Dr. Frank Alcock

Professor of Political Science & Environmental Studies

Amanda Fidalgo

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Michael Gorup

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Barbara Hicks

Social Science Division Chair

Professor of Political Science

Dr. Eugene Lewis

Emeritus Professor of Political Science

Dr. Jack Reilly

Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Eugene Lewis

Emeritus Professor of Political Science