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As one of the nation’s premier public liberal arts colleges, New College of Florida welcomes students with big ideas and grand plans.

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Choose from 45 areas of concentration (sometimes referred to as majors) or design a multi-disciplinary or special area of concentration. Explore personal interests and achieve your educational goals through independent projects, group study and research projects on and off campus.

Listen for dolphin burst pulses. Examine gender bias in children’s literature. Compose experimental music. Investigate DNA.

With a 10-to-1 student/faculty ratio, you work closely with faculty, who serve as advisors, mentoring you and collaborating with you along your academic journey, wherever it may take you.

Own your education

You might train a manatee to receive veterinary care at Sarasota’s Mote Aquarium. Or maybe you’ll join your biology professor on an expedition to study coral reef diseases in Honduras, travel to Germany to research the sleep habits of black birds, learn Punjabi in India or study the Kokama-Kokamilla peoples in the Peruvian Amazon.

At New College of Florida, you are part of an intellectual community that inspires and challenges you to pursue the limitless possibilities in your future.

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Programs at New College

Undergraduate Program

New College of Florida offers more than 40 different majors in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, as well as a number of interdisciplinary concentrations.

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Graduate Program in Applied Data Science

The Master’s in Applied Data Science Degree curriculum offers a blend of interdisciplinary theory and practical application of skills.

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New College offers short, intensive programs to gain certification in career-related skills.

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Academic Resources and Courses

Academic Advising

From navigating mini-classes to completing your final thesis project, your academic life at the college will largely be shaped through the conversations you have with your sponsor.

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Course Offerings

At New College you have a chance to explore in-depth the areas of learning that are of greatest interest to you.

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