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Your education. Your way. Discover a public arts and science education driven by your curiosity, career aspirations, and individual learning style.

Individualized degree plan

You’ll work with your faculty adviser to build an academic “contract” each semester instead of a one-size-fits-all traditional degree program. You’ll thrive on the freedom to take risks and develop the self-reliance to achieve your goals.

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Hands-on learning

You’ll experience hands-on learning through mentorships, internships and research projects – the kind students don’t typically experience until graduate school.

Learn by doing

Personalized career prep

You’ll graduate career-ready and world-ready. From day one, you’ll be paired with your very own nationally certified career coach/adviser, a luxury that larger colleges simply can’t provide.

Plan your future

Holistic student support

You’ll feel at home on our campus, where you can be exactly—and brilliantly—you. Flourish in a diverse, inclusive campus environment committed to your personal success.

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What will you study?

Choose one of more than 50 majors — from Data Science and Marine Biology to Computer Science and Physics. Pick one, combine two or create your own field of study. Your originality will thrive at New College. Explore Academics & Majors

An exceptional education at an affordable price

Why New?
Why New?

Meet the faces at New College

Alyssa Boynton Fourth-year Psychology student Choosing New College of Florida over Yale University was a decision Alyssa Boynton made wholeheartedly. Now, as the thesis student nears the end of her education at the state’s designated honors college, she is reflecting on what made her experience so transformative. Read More

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Located on a beautiful 110-acre campus on sunny Sarasota Bay, New College is a community of bold and intellectually curious risk takers who thrive in an environment where their education is their own. Visit Us

Featured News

Featured News

- by Forbes
The New College Challenge has caught Forbes's attention as an innovative, ambitious project with a fresh plan for community involvement and growth. “The Challenge is designed to bring together students, experts and leaders from a variety of top universities and industries to partner and collaboratively explore new ideas and develop solutions.”

Featured Events

Featured Events

Join us for an open house style-preview of what it's like to be a student at New College of Florida!