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The Spanish program offers both flexibility and a high level of individualized attention from our expert faculty. Most students concentrate either in Spanish Language and Culture or in Spanish Language and Literature, and develop a senior project showcasing this focus.

About the Spanish Area of Concentration

The program offers all levels of Spanish language and courses on the literature and cultures of Latin America, the Spanish Caribbean, and Spain both in Spanish and in translation. Offerings change each year and include the study of particular authors, a genre, a period, a region, or a special topic.

Spanish language is taught in a five-semester sequence after which students may enroll in courses and tutorials on literary and cultural topics conducted in Spanish. Courses conducted entirely in Spanish may be focused on a literary genre (“Spanish as the Fabric of Verse,” “Spanish-American Short Stories”), or on a particular topic, region, or period (“Vision of America”). Courses offered in translation may also allow advanced students to do part of their work in Spanish. Tutorials and Independent Research Projects in Spanish allow students to expand on prior work or particular interests and are designed in consultation with a faculty member. Cross-disciplinary work is a vital part of the New College program and is strongly supported by the Spanish Program, which encourages projects that connect to other fields of study across the curriculum.

Recent courses

  • Advanced Spanish: Latin American Perspectives
  • Advanced Spanish: Novela corta hispanoamericanos
  • Elementary Spanish I
  • Remembering What Has Never Existed: Contemporary Latin American Short Fiction
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers
  • Spanish Oral and Written Expression
  • Translation Workshop: From Spanish to English

Career Pathways

  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Education
  • Civil and Foreign Service
  • Intelligence
  • Journalism
  • Writing

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