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Humanities invites us to move from thought and study to action and expression across disciplines.

About the Humanities Area of Concentration

“Humanities” is the study of human thought, creation, and experience, the studia humanitatis. It’s rooted in ancient global debates about developing “virtue” through balancing contemplation with action in the world. Studying Humanities asks what does it mean to be human? What goes into the category of the human and, importantly, how does the human intersect with the non-human world? The Humanities AOC invites students to work across disciplines and interdisciplinary fields, to range widely, and to explore  human thought, expression, and experience through multiple lenses.

Humanities collects together the academic fields concerned with human expression and thought. At New College, Humanities includes Art and Art History, Classics, Languages and Literatures (Chinese, English, French, German, Ancient Greek, Latin, Russian, Spanish), Music, Philosophy, and Religion. Humanities collaborates or informs interdisciplinary areas— Environmental Studies; Gender Studies; Health, Culture and Societies; International and Area Studies; Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, to name only a few interdisciplinary programs at New College.

Recent courses

  • Dance, Brain, and Parkinson’s
  • Basics of Theater Production
  • Elementary French I
  • World War II France in Film and Fiction
  • Global Perspectives in Art History
  • The Good Life: Happiness, Meaning, and Ethics in a Complex World
  • Intermediate Spanish I
  • Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • Law & Literature: Narrative and Rhetoric in Action
  • Electronic Music
  • Painting Principles: Color to Form
  • Worlds of Wonder: A History of Museums
  • Sweet Paradises: Expressive Cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean
  • Ritual Theory

Career Pathways

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Social Services
  • Media and Communications
  • Marketing
  • Museums and Libraries
  • Journalism
  • Law

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