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Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies and how people interact within these contexts.

About the Sociology Area of Concentration

Although we are often unaware of its influences on us, the social world structures our opportunities, shapes our aspirations, and provides the stage for our actions. As individuals, we are sustained, empowered, and constrained by the web of social relations in which our lives are embedded. Sociological analyses illuminate the effects of social interactions, structures, institutions, and processes on the character and quality of our lives. Sociology ultimately empowers us to work toward a better world. At New College of Florida, students majoring in sociology are required to acquire competence in content knowledge, written and oral communication skills, and critical thinking skills.

Our program builds skills that employers today seek: an understanding of the social context of creativity and innovation; an ability to work with others in organizational settings; multicultural and global understandings; quantitative and qualitative analysis; critical thinking; and effective written expression. Sociology graduates have gone into a variety of fields, including Ph.D. programs and subsequent employment in academe (in Sociology and other fields), Arts Administration, Law School, International NGOs addressing Human and Refugee Rights, Public Health, Education, Social Work, Public Relations, Media and Communication, Urban Planning, Non-profit Community Development, and Community Organizing among others.

Recent courses

  • Contemporary Gender Seminar
  • Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Urban Studies
  • Latin American Social Theory
  • Queer Studies
  • Race and Ethnicity: An Interdisciplinary Exploration
  • Sociological Research Methods
  • Sociology of Family
  • Sociology Senior Seminar
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Urban Sociology


Career Pathways

  • Law 
  • International NGOs addressing Human and Refugee Rights 
  • Public Health 
  • Education 
  • Social Work
  • Public Relations
  • Media and Communication
  • Social Justice
  • Education

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