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About the Chinese Area of Concentration

The Chinese program at New College offers courses at all levels of Chinese language as well as courses and tutorials on Chinese language, literature and culture in English translation. Language courses are offered regularly, and cultural content courses change each year covering both surveys and special topics. Students with an Area of Concentration in Chinese develop a high level of proficiency in all aspects of Mandarin Chinese, a broad historical and cultural knowledge of classical and modern Chinese culture, and in-depth knowledge of certain authors, genres, periods or themes. Courses may explore visual and literary representation of landscape and environment, or heroes and heroines in literature and film, or contemporary literature from the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that take up contemporary issues of crisis and modernity.

In light of the interdisciplinary nature of the Chinese program, students are encouraged to take courses from related fields and disciplines, and/or complete a combined AOC with another discipline. Chinese has been combined with a wide range of other disciplines, from humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

“I’ve studied Mandarin for the past four years at New College, and now I get to travel to Taiwan and use my skills to share my culture and learn more about theirs.”

Grace Hamilton (East Asian Studies/Chinese)
2020 Graduate and Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award Recipient

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Recent Courses

  • Classical Chinese Literature: A Survey
  • Landscape in Chinese Literature and Film
  • Chinese Science Fiction
  • Fist Fights and Swordplay: Chinese Martial Art Film
  • Heroism in Classical Chinese Narratives
  • Through the Lens of the Auteur: Chinese New Wave Cinema
  • Fantastic Tales and Idle Talks in Traditional China

Career Pathways

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Civil service
  • Foreign service
  • Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Journalism/Broadcasting
  • Teaching
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Linguistics
  • Finance

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