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About the Latin Joint Area of Concentration

Latin is a joint concentration that consists of six courses or activities. Four must be in the Latin language. The remaining two can also be in the Latin language, or they can be in classical civilization or Greek language. Students have found the study of Latin pleasurable in itself, but also good training for other intellectual pursuits, from scientific terminology to a stronger understanding of grammatical structures.

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Recent Courses

  • Advanced Latin: Petronius, Satyrica
  • Advanced Latin: Juvenal, Satires
  • Advanced Latin: Plautus, Amphitruo
  • Advanced Latin: Pliny, Natural History 7
  • Advanced Latin:Suetonius, Life of Nero
  • Advanced Latin:Cicero, Pro Caelio
  • Advanced Latin:Tacitus’ Germania and the Ancient Tradition of Ethnography Advanced Latin:Tacitus, Annales
  • Advanced Latin:Lucretius, De Rerum Natura
  • Advanced Latin:Martial, Epigrams
  • Advanced Latin:Vergil, Aeneid 12
  • Advanced Latin:Horace, Sermones 1
  • Advanced Latin:Ovid, Heroides

Career Pathways

  • Educator
  • Library and information sciences
  • Translation
  • Museum work
  • Law
  • Medicine

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