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Art emphasizes both technical and conceptual aspects of art-making across a diverse range of media: wood, metal, painting, drawing, and digital arts. Art students are encouraged to incorporate diverse perspectives from a variety of disciplines into their studio practices–and they do!

About the Art Area of Concentration

Art emphasizes both quality academic work and art-making together, leading to graduates who both make art and can speak and write about their own and others’ work eloquently. Art provides a unique environment to incorporate diverse perspectives from a variety of fields into students’ studio practices. Courses address technical and conceptual aspects of art making through historical and contemporary perspectives so that students continue to cultivate these competencies independently in the future.

Studio classes support a diverse range of media and students move through foundations to advanced work, with opportunities for competitive exhibition. Painting and drawing studios provide ample space for large-scale projects in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Sculpture facilities include a foundry, woodworking area, and welding area. The printmaking studio accommodates intaglio, block printing, and screen-printing. The Isermann Gallery exhibition space generates a forum for display and dialog and practice in preparing work for exhibition. The Art AOC prepares graduates to pursue a career within the arts as a professional artist, designer, educator, or arts administrator, or to take their visual skills into new directions.

“New College afforded me the opportunity to explore my artistic voice. It provided me with confidence in my own ideas and equipped me with the structure to validate my artistic works.”

Danielle Dygert
2016 Graduate (Art)
Artist Liaison, Independent Artist and Marketing and Exhibitions Coordinator

Recent Courses

  • 3D Design: Tools & Techniques: Intro to Materials, Processes & History of 3D Artistic Practice
  • Art Senior Seminar
  • Color and Culture
  • Drawing Through Photography
  • Going Viral: Making Video Art for the Internet
  • Making Art in the Age of Social Media
  • Mixed Media Painting
  • Multiplicity: Creating Copies of Objects for Art
  • Painting Principles: Color to Form
  • Parking Lot Regatta
  • Perceptual Drawing Methods

Career Outcomes

The Art area of concentration gives students the preparation needed to pursue a career within the arts as a professional artist, designer, educator, or arts administrator. New College students have gone on to study at nationally and internationally recognized top-tier graduate programs in the arts. Fields that fit well with an art degree include:

  • Advertising
  • Arts education
  • Artistic restoration/conservation
  • Digital imaging
  • Exhibit design/preparation
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Museum/gallery administration

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