Regulations Manual

The New College of Florida Regulations Manual contains policies and procedures concerning the various programs, services, facilities, and activities of the College.

New College of Florida Regulations Manual

New College of Florida promulgates regulations in accordance with the Regulation Development Process adopted by the Florida Board of Governors. All of the Regulations are incorporated into the New College of Florida Regulations Manual.

The following sections of the Regulations Manual for New College of Florida have been adopted by the New College of Florida Board of Trustees. These regulations supersede and replace certain rules and policies as previously adopted by the College.

The Board of Trustees will continue to amend and adopt regulations to comply with changing rules and policies. Notice of additional Regulation Development will be published on the New College of Florida website.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – General Provisions and Executive Affairs
Chapter 2 – The Board of Trustees
Chapter 3 – Administrative Affairs
Chapter 4 – Academic Affairs
Chapter 5 – Admissions and Financial Aid
Chapter 6 – Student Affairs
Chapter 7 – Miscellaneous

Please Note: Portions of this Regulation Manual are currently under review as a result of the of the Campus Free Expression Act, Chapter 1004.097, Florida Statutes. Any portion of these regulations that conflict with this new law are superseded by the statute and are no longer in effect. Please check back here for updates as they become available.

House Bill 233 – Intellectual Freedom, Shielding, Recording of Lectures, Student discipline