Office of the General Counsel


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Cook Hall 228


Office of the General Counsel New College of Florida 5800 Bay Shore Road Sarasota, FL 34243

The Office of the General Counsel provides legal counsel, representation, research, and opinions to the Board of Trustees, College President, and all other areas of the College as appropriate, including management of all litigation matters brought by or against the College. The Office is also responsible for maintaining College-wide standards for contract administration and regulatory compliance.

Public Records Request

The College has designated the Office of the General Counsel as the Custodian of Public Records for the purposes of receiving any written notice required under Florida law and addressing any of the Requestor’s concerns. New College of Florida is committed to compliance with the Florida Public Records Law. If you are submitting notice or a public records request, please contact the College’s Custodian of Public Records at the contact info above. 

David Brickhouse Esq.

Vice President for Legal Affairs & Human Resources

Interim Title IX Coordinator