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Heiser Natural Sciences Complex 172C

The natural sciences seek to shed light on the rules that govern the natural world by using empirical and scientific methods. Although mathematics and computational science may not be considered natural sciences per se, they provide critical insight and many tools used within the natural sciences.

The Heiser Natural Sciences Complex includes teaching and undergraduate research labs for chemistry, biology, computational science, physics and mathematics.

There is a greenhouse, herbarium and sampling equipment for field ecology. Our newest facility is a Nanotechnology Lab to study the properties of tiny structures used in cutting-edge technologies for the computer, robotic, medical and optical communication fields.

The Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center houses over 100 aquaria and features student and faculty research laboratories, classrooms and office space for New College’s marine biology program. Each tank in the Living Ecosystem Teaching and Research Aquarium features a different captive ecosystem, several with a camera to send images to a streaming video server. Underneath the building, an additional 10,000 square feet of space provides room for quarantine, storage, and the system that supplies seawater to the facility’s aquaria and labs.

Natural Sciences Division AOCs

Natural Sciences Faculty & Staff

Briana Aguila-Ames

Visiting Associate Professor

Dr. Rebecca Black

Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry

Amy Elizabeth Bohan

Instructor of Biology

Area of Concentration

John Littner Clark

Adjunct Asst. Prof of Biology

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Donald Colladay

Professor of Physics

Melissa Crow

Instructor of Statistics

Leo Demski

Emeritus Professor of Biology

Founding Director Pritzker Marine Biology Center

Erika Díaz Almeyda

Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Dr. Kristopher Fennie

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Co-Director of Health Cultures and Societies

Sandra Gilchrist

Professor of Biology & Marine Science

Natural Sciences Division Chair

Fahmida Hamid

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Emily Heffernan

Associate Provost

Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Lin Jiang

Assistant Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry

Dr. Bernhard Klingenberg

Director of Data Science

Professor of Statistics

Christopher Kottke

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Samantha Levell

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area of Concentration

Dr. Elzie McCord Jr.

Emeritus Professor of Biology

Lisa Merritt

Research Scholar

Professional Mentor

David Mullins

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics

Daniel Page

Visiting Associate Professor in Computer Science

Dr. Tania Roy

Assistant Professor of Human Centered Computing

George Ruppeiner

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Gil M Salu

Visiting Associate Professor

Milo Schield

Visiting Professor in Statistics

Dr. Paul Scudder

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Vlad Serban

Visiting Associate Professor in Mathematics

Dr. Jose R. Soto-Shoender

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology and Ecology

Joel Thurmond

Senior Teaching Laboratory Specialist

Lydia Wassink

Adjunct Asst. Professor

Necmettin Yildirim

Professor of Mathematics

Soo Bong Chae Chair of Applied Mathematics