Dr. Emily Heffernan

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Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies


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Ph.D., M.S., University of Florida
B.A. New College of Florida

Dr. Heffernan received her Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Florida. She has also completed two postdoctoral appointments; one evaluating the population genetics of Gulf of Mexico sturgeon and the other with the U.S. EPA on predicting the risk of near shore marine species to extinction due to climate change.

Her primary research interests are on animal populations that are small or declining and she focuses on butterflies, many of which are state or federally-endangered. Dr. Heffernan uses a combination of field and laboratory based methods to evaluate the current status of small populations and couples this with museum-based research to evaluate historical population trends. In her molecular lab, she uses techniques to evaluate small tissue samples of butterflies to determine remaining levels of genetic diversity, gene flow, and inbreeding. Genomic scans from next-generation sequencing has recently been useful at identifying novel molecular markers for her work. She has received multiple grants from the United States Fish & Wildlife Service and other state and federal agencies to support this research. She works with her students to evaluate and summarize all relevant data and communicate findings to assist with species management plans.

Dr. Heffernan teaches a variety of lecture and laboratory courses including Ecology, Conservation Biology, Entomology, Principles of Ecological Management, and Introduction to Environmental Studies. Dr. Heffernan regularly supports Pollination Ecology tutorials and clubs in addition to her work with the Sarasota Honey Company and our campus bee hives (on the Caples campus). Dr. Heffernan stresses the importance of quantitative data analysis, critical thinking, and working successfully in a group in all her courses.

Please note: Dr. Emily Heffernan has published under the last name Saarinen. 

Selected Publications

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