Dr. Tania Roy

Assistant Professor of Human Centered Computing


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PhD in Human Centered Computing, Clemson University
M.S in Computer Science, Clemson University
B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering , West Bengal University of Technology, India
Dr. Roy’s research efforts lie at the intersection of Human Centered Computing, Applied Machine Learning and Healthcare. Her broad interests are in using technology to 1) raise awareness about and detect interpersonal violence 2) create educational resources for environmental stewardship 3) create applications that promote user trust and empathy.

Recent Courses

Introduction to Programming in Python
Foundations of Human Centered Computing


1. Roy, T. (2023). Introducing Virtual Reality To Undergraduate Students : A Hybrid Approach.  The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, ( 38, 6, 2023, Central Plains ). (In Print, to be presented)


2. Blake,I.*, Roy, T. (2023). Cowork: an accessible interactive system that supports online coworking for students. In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction July 2023 (In Print, to be presented) Springer, Cham
3.  Hamid, F., Roy, T. (2023). Exploring the Societal Aspects of South Asians Blocking Mass Awareness of Breast Cancer; Case Study: Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. In Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) (2023). (Submitted) 
4. Roy, T., Hodges, L.F., Neffati,F*. (2022). Understanding user perception and trust when results from a dating abuse detection application are displayed. In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (July 2022) Springer, Cham.

5.  Roy, T., Young E*., Hodges, L.F. (2020). A second look at SecondLook: Design Iterations and Usability of Digital Dating Abuse Detection and Awareness App. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics, Dec 2020.IEEE, (pp. 1-11)
6. Hunter,J.*, Roy, T. (2020). Prototyping a Mental Health Smartphone Application. In InternationalConference on Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 254-267). Springer, Cham.
7. Roy, T., McClendon, J., Hodges, L.F. (2018). Identifying Abusive Text Messages for College-aged Women to Detect Instances of Dating Abuse. Proceedings of the International Conference on Healthcare Informatics, New York, NY.
* NCF student co-authors