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Heiser 123B
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Health, Culture and Societies


Ph.D. Yale University
M.P.H. Yale University
M.Sc. University of Alberta
B.A. The Colorado College

Dr Fennie’s research interests centre on the intersection of behavioural and social determinants of health, particularly in the context of global health and vulnerable populations. He has several years of experience working in the field of HIV disease with the goal of understanding how behaviour and societal context influence HIV outcomes, and thereby informing on how to improve health outcomes. His research can be grouped into three integrated areas, within the context of behavioural and societal context:

-Examining the role of internal and external stigma, trust, culture, and family influences on disclosure of HIV and injection drug use to partners and family
-Assessing disparities in HIV prevention and care, focusing on stigma, racism, and racial residential segregation
-Examining how stigma, poverty, and racism affect access to primary care, HIV testing, and HIV care among transgender individuals

He conducts research in the United States (namely Florida), and in Hunan, China. He also is involved with the Yale China Association, and is part of its Health Advisory Committee. His community activities include working with the Multicultural Health Institute, an organization that seeks to promote, educate, and ensure equal healthcare access for communities who are traditionally uninsured and receive a poor quality of care.

Recent Courses

AIDS Epidemiology
Epidemiology Matters: An Introduction
Epidemiology II
Global Health and Humanity
Tropical Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Selected Publications

Ward-Peterson, M., Fennie, K., Baird, S., Coxe, S., Trepka, M. J., & Madhivanan, P. (2021). Multilevel influences of women’s empowerment and economic resources on risky sexual behaviour among young women in Zomba district, Malawi. Journal of Biosocial Science, 53(6), 887–907.

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Xiao, X., Zhao, J., Tang, C., Li, X., Simoni, J. M., Wang, H., & Fennie, K. P. (2018). Psychometric testing of the consequences of an HIV disclosure instrument in Mandarin: A cross-sectional study of persons living with HIV in Hunan, China. Patient Preference and Adherence, 12, 1451–1459.

Fennie, K. P., Trepka, M. J., Maddox, L. M., Lutfi, K., & Lieb, S. (2016). Comparison of Individual and Area Level Factors Between HIV-Infected Cisgender and Transgender Individuals in Florida (2006-2014). AIDS and Behavior, 20(10), 2186–2191.

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