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Social Science 102

Simply put, social science is the field of study concerned with society; here we use scientific methods to study human behavior and social patterns. Areas of study include anthropology, economics, political science, history and psychology, among others. Many Novo Collegians study the social sciences because they want to help improve our societies – and they do.

The faculty’s longstanding relationship with Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota is of great benefit to New College students, who are frequently able to study at this world-class marine life facility in conjunction with classes, tutorials, or their professors’ funded research. Some students have also done internships. These provide unique, hands-on opportunities to conduct ocean science research, education, or support services under the mentorship of Mote scientists, educators, animal care specialists and other professionals.

Social Sciences Division AOCs

Social Sciences Faculty & Staff

Dr. Frank Alcock

Professor of Political Science & Environmental Studies

Anthony Andrews

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Uzi Baram

Emeritus Professor

Dr. Michelle Barton

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Gordon Bauer

Visiting Professor of Psychology

Dr. David Brain

Urban Studies Program Director

Professor of Sociology

Charlene Callahan

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Provost Emerita


Area of Concentration

Dr. Kathleen Casto

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Richard Coe

Professor Emeritus

Area of Concentration

Tracy Collins

Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. Duff Cooper

Director of Social Sciences Research Lab

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods

Erin Dean

Associate Professor of Anthropology

David Ellis

Visiting Associate Professor

Area of Concentration

Dr. Barbara Feldman

Professor of Sociology

Amanda Fidalgo

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Michael Gorup

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Steven Graham

Associate Professor of Psychology

Heidi Harley

Professor of Psychology/ Peg Scripps Buzzelli Chair

Director Environmental Studies Program

David Harvey

Dean, Center for the Study of Western Civilization,

Area of Concentration

Sarah Hernandez

Associate Professor of Sociology & Caribbean and Latin American Studies

Co-Director of the Initiative on Diversity and Equity in Academics

Barbara Hicks

Social Science Division Chair

Professor of Political Science

Andrew Humphries

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area of Concentration

Andrew G Humphries

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Area of Concentration

William Hustwit

Visiting Associate Professor

Area of Concentration

Richard Izquierdo

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area of Concentration

Dr. Tarron Khemraj

Professor of Economics and International Studies

William and Marie Selby Chair

Dr. Eugene Lewis

Emeritus Professor of Political Science


Area of Concentration

Eric Nemarich

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area of Concentration

Seni Ok

Coordinator, Physical Plant

Frederick Pirone

Visiting Assistant Professor

Area of Concentration

Xia Shi

Associate Professor of History

Marian Hoppin Chair of Asian Studies

Marti Tuck

Academic Records Coordinator

Dr. Sherry Yu

Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

Dr. Queen Zabriskie

Associate Professor of Sociology / MacArthur Chair

MacArthur Professorship 2019-2022