Dr. Tarron Khemraj

Professor of Economics and International Studies

William and Marie Selby Chair


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College Hall 207


CHL 207


PhD Economics (The New School)
MA Development Economics (University of Manchester)
B.Soc.Sc. Economics (University of Guyana)

Dr. Khemraj considers himself to be extremely fortunate to teach courses in which he is conducting research, allowing for out-of-textbook readings, discussions and perspectives once students are exposed to the fundamentals. He cherishes the opportunity to teach introductory courses to students who are fresh to economics. His practical central banking experience continues to motivate aspects of his teaching and research.

He is an unorthodox monetary macroeconomist, with strong emphasis on international finance and open economy macroeconomics. His work studies the interaction between financial institutions and markets as well as monetary aggregates and the real variables such as GDP, private investment, savings, employment, government spending, taxation, among others. He is interested in understanding how real-life fiat notes and bank deposits, as opposed to money as an exogenous numeraire, are created and destroyed, and their general implication for inflation, short-term growth, employment, foreign exchange rate, interest rate and foreign exchange market stability – the latter being a key determinant of living standards in developing and emerging economies. His research also encompasses the long-term problems of structural change and political economy. His theoretical and empirical modeling strategies aim for external consistency, accounting for real-life money as well as financial institutions and markets, production structure, geography, and historical facts; while internal consistency is presented when relevant and necessary.

Recent Courses

International Economics
Money, Banking and Financial Markets
Principles of Economics
Development Economics
Political Economy

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

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