Why Study Gender Studies at New College?

Gender Studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field of academic study and research that begins from interrogating “gender” as a social and cultural concept that has real impact on human lives, practices, and institutions.

Gender Studies area of concentration

Gender Studies, recognized as an interdisciplinary academic program at New College since 1995, draws on curricula across the campus (and beyond) to serve students pursuing the Area of Concentration and to introduce students working in other AOCs to the complex focal problem of “gender.” Our program is defined broadly and encompasses other related fields including Women’s and Feminist Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Queer and Trans Studies; and Masculinity Studies; it also intersects with interdisciplinary fields including Cultural, Ethnic, and Africana Studies.

The AOC in Gender Studies is explicitly interdisciplinary and intersectional, encouraging students to complete courses in a range of disciplines from across the College’s three divisions, in addition to interdisciplinary courses specifically designated as Gender Studies. Students pursuing a full AOC also complete an internship or volunteer experience designed to support exploration of possible career paths. The Joint-Disciplinary option enhances students’ interdisciplinary focus on gender and its intersections with a solid grounding in a complementary discipline (e.g. biology, literature, sociology, etc.).

What Can I Do with a Gender Studies AOC?

Choose your path:

At New College, students may choose either:

  1. a “Joint Disciplinary” Area of Concentration in which they combine their work in Gender Studies with work in another disciplinary AOC, or
  2. a full AOC in Gender Studies, which has more extensive expectations.

A good choice for many, the Joint-Disciplinary option enhances students’ interdisciplinary focus on gender and its intersections with a solid grounding in a complementary discipline (e.g. biology, literature, sociology, etc.). In addition to the requirements laid out by the Gender Studies Program students are responsible for fulfilling the AOC requirements of their paired discipline in consultation with appropriate faculty in that field. Students wishing to pair their work in Gender Studies with a Divisional AOC (Humanities, Natural or Social Sciences) must file for a “Special Area of Concentration” (i.e., “Gender Studies in the Humanities”) and complete both the requirements for the Joint-Disciplinary Gender Studies AOC and all the requirements for the Divisional AOC. For more explicitly focused students, especially those who want to complete a senior project that is solidly within the interdisciplinary fields of Gender Studies, the stand-alone AOC may be a better choice. (Requirements for both the Gender Studies AOC and the Joint-Disciplinary option may be on our curriculum page.)

Core Faculty

  • Anthony Andrews Emeritus Professor of Anthropology
  • Nick Clarkson Assistant Professor of Gender Studies
  • Emily Fairchild Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies
  • Sandra Gilchrist Professor of Biology & Marine Science, Division Chair
  • Susan Marks Professor of Religion and Judaic Studies; Klingenstein Professorship
  • Amy Reid Professor of French and Gender Studies; Director of Gender Studies Program
  • Xia Shi Associate Professor of History and International and Area Studies; Marian Hoppin Chair of Asian Studies
  • Miriam Wallace Professor of English and Gender Studies, Division Chair

Recent Theses

  • Aren’t you a little strong for a lady? Gender in Superhero Movies (Gender Studies and Sociology)
  • LGBT Gender Presentation, Community Connectedness, and Self Esteem (Gender Studies and Psychology)
  • “Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going”: Feminist Voices in Anthropology (Anthropology/Gender Studies)
  • Puerto Rican Feminists’ Understandings of Sterilization Narratives (Sociology/Gender Studies)
  • Exploring Associations between Assertiveness, Health, and Gender in Children Ages 6-11” (Psychology/Gender Studies)
  • “‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Queerest of Them All?’ A Crip Perspective on Fairy Tale Intertextuality” (Literature/Gender Studies)
  • Masculinity, Sexuality, and Identity in Three Queer Texts, 1900-1910 (History/Gender Studies)
  • Gender Bias in Physiological Stress Research (Biology/Gender Studies)
  • “Whose Development in ‘Theatre for Development’?: Donors, Directors, and Local Participation in a South African Non-Governmental Organization” (Theatre/Gender Studies)

More information

Gender Studies Curriculum

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