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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.M. (Musicology), Rice University

In both her research and teaching, Professor Clark moves among the disciplines of musicology (music history), ethnomusicology (anthropology of music), and dance history, striving to demonstrate the ways that experiences of music are culturally constructed and historically situated.

Most of Professor Clark’s research has focused on French opera and ballet of the nineteenth century. She recently began a project on women whistlers in the United States, 1880-1930. She teaches on a wide range of topics in music history, including courses on the history of opera and music and the environment.

Selected Publications

Clark, M. (2020). “Embodied Heritage: English Country Dance in Austen Screen Adaptations,” in Davinia Caddy and Maribeth Clark, eds., Musicology and Dance: Historical and Critical Perspectives.259–79. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Clark, M. (2019). “The Hermit Thrush as American Musician.” Naxos Musicology International. August 19. 2019.

Clark, M. (2001). Bodies at the opera: Art and the hermaphrodite in the dance criticism of Theophile Gautier. In R. Parker, & M. A. Smart (Eds.), Opera and Ballet Criticism in France from the Revolution to 1848 (pp. 237-253). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Clark, M. (2001). Feminization of Ballet. In A. Latham, & R. Parker (Eds.), Verdi in Performance (pp. 120-124). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Clark, M. (2002). Quadrille as embodied musical experience in nineteenth-century Paris. Journal of Musicology, 19(3), 503-526.

Clark, M. (2003). Body and the Voice in La Muette de Portici. 19th-Century Music, 27(2), 116-131.

Clark, M. (2005). Role of ‘Gustave’, ou Le ‘Bal Masque’ in restraining the bourgeois body during the July monarchy. Musical Quarterly, 88(2), 204-231.