Steven Shipman

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Leonard Florsheim Chair


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Heiser 211A


Heiser E172C


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Ph.D., University of California – Berkeley
B.A., Rice University

Professor Shipman teaches courses, labs, and tutorials in physical chemistry. They are interested in spectroscopy of all types. Their current research is in the area of rotational (microwave) spectroscopy, which they use to study the structure and dynamics of small molecules at room temperature. In addition to revealing fundamental information about small molecules in general, these spectroscopic studies are also intended to aid radio astronomers in their search for complex molecules in interstellar space. As part of their research, Professor Shipman also makes extensive use of modern methods in computational chemistry which are also incorporated into their teaching.

Recent Courses

General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems
Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
Physical Chemistry Lab

Recent Publications

Riffe, E.J.; Shipman, S.T.; Gaster, S.A.; Funderburk, C.M.; Brown, G.G., “Rotational Spectrum of Eugenol as Analyzed with Double Resonance and Grid-Based Autofit,” J. Phys. Chem. A, 2019, 123, 1091.

Roenitz, K.M.; Hays, B.M.; Powers, C.R.; McCabe, M.N.; Smith, H.; Widicus Weaver, S.L.; Shipman, S.T., “AC Stark Effect Observed in a Microwave-Millimeter/Submillimeter Wave Double-Resonance Experiment,” J. Phys. Chem. A, 2018, 122, 6321.

Vaquero-Vara, V.; Alstadt, V.; Sewatsky, T.P.; Claughton, J.L.; Finneran, I.A.; Shipman, S.T.; Pate, B.H.; Pratt, D.W., “N-ethylformamide dimer. A beta-turn model peptide in the gas phase,” J. Mol. Spect., 2017, 335, 102.

Hays, B.M.; McCabe, M.N.; Shipman, S.T.; Widicus Weaver, S.L., “Fast sweep direct absorption (sub)millimeter-wave spectroscopy,” Rev. Sci. Inst., 2016, 87, 113109.

Alonso, E.R.; Kolesnikova, L.; Peña, I.; Shipman, S.T.; Tercero, B.; Cernicharo, J.; Alonso, J.L., “Waveguide CP-FTMW and millimeter wave spectra of s-cis- and s-trans-acrylic acid,” J. Mol. Spect., 2015, 316, 84.

Seifert, N.A.; Finneran, I.A.; Perez, C.; Zaleski, D.P.; Neill, J.L.; Steber, A.L.; Suenram, R.D.; Lesarri, A.; Shipman, S.T.; Pate, B.H., “AUTOFIT, an automated fitting tool for broadband rotational spectra, and applications to 1-hexanal,” J. Mol. Spect., 2015, 312, 13.