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Ph.D., Princeton University
B.A., New College of Florida

Professor Edidin works, and teaches, widely in analytic philosophy. His research interests are focused on epistemology (the theory of knowledge), metaphilosophy (the examination of philosophical inquiry itself), and the philosophy of music, but he has also published articles on metaphysics, and on the philosophical examination of mind, of science, and of mathematics. His courses include Formal Logic; Language, Thought, and the World; Metaphysics Survey; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Music; Philosophy of Science; Theory of Knowledge; and Topics in Feminist Philosophy.

Recent Courses

Theory of Knowledge
Metaphysics Survey
Language, Thought, and the World
Topics in Feminist Philosophy
Social Reality
Philosophy of Music
Formal Logic

Selected Publications

“Socio-Musical Performing Artistry”, Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol. 15 (2017),

“Listening to Musical Performers”, Contemporary Aesthetics, Vol. 13 (2015),

“Consequentialism About Historical Authenticity,” Performance Practice Review, Vol. 13 (2008),

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