Sarah Hernandez

Associate Professor of Sociology & Caribbean and Latin American Studies - Interdisciplinary Programs - Public Policy - Social Sciences - Sociology

  • Phone: (941) 487-4434
  • Email:
  • Office Location: CHL 211
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

M.A. , PhD, University of Michigan, Sociology
B.A. Earlham College, Sociology/Anthropology

Professor Hernandez’ primary research areas involve economic justice, addressing decisionmaking and organizational structures in worker-owned businesses (particularly in Mexico) and transnational labor relations (Mexico-USA). Involvement in public facing research includes collaborations with Habitat for Humanity to develop new support strategies and with local social services organizations (such as Step Up Suncoast and Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence) conducting needs assessment studies.

She offers these courses with regularity:

  • Alternatives to Capitalism and Socialism
  • Globalization, Social Justice, Human Rights
  • Latin American Social Theory
  • Sociology of Development
  • Social Movements

These courses are rotated with other sociology faculty:

  • Social Theory
  • Sociological Research Methods
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociology Senior Seminar

Courses that are not recurring or regularly taught:

  • Intergroup Dialogue
  • Race and Ethnicity: An Interdisciplinary Exploration
  • Sociology of Gender o Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • Women in the USA