President Richard Corcoran

President Richard Corcoran

Richard Corcoran was born in 1965 and moved to Florida as a child in 1976. Both of his parents grew up during the Great Depression and fought in World War II. They instilled a great sense of pride in public service and duty in him at an early age. From them, Richard developed the principles by which he and his wife of over 29 years, Anne, who is also an attorney, teach their six children today.

Richard grew up in Pasco County, Florida, where he graduated from Hudson High School. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Leo College in 1989 and a Juris Doctorate from Regent University in 1996. While enrolled in college, Richard also served in the U.S. Naval Reserves, a Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Richard has been a practicing attorney in Florida for 24 years. He also served as the Speaker of the Florida House from 2016-2018. During his tenure in the state House, he passed the most robust ethics and transparency laws in state history. In December 2018, Richard was appointed by Gov. Ron Desantis to serve as Florida’s commissioner of education. In May 2022, he resigned from his position and started a law firm and a consulting firm.
Richard Corcoran and Ron DeSantis demonstrate new Mighty Banyans baseball gear.
President Richard Corcoran and Governor Ron DeSantis.


Nathan Andrew Allen VP of Strategic Planning & Projects
David Brickhouse Esq. Vice President for Legal Affairs & Human Resources
Interim Title IX Coordinator
Contact (941) 487-4100
Office or Division Office of the President
Christie Fitz-Patrick Chief of Staff
Acting Vice President of Finance & Administration
Alexandra Islas Director of Government Relations
Director of Public Policy Events
Deja Rowe Senior Executive Assistant to the President

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From 1975 to 2001 New College of Florida was a school under the University of South Florida.  On July 1st, 2001 New College achieved independence as the 11th member of the State University System and was designated by the Florida Legislature as the “Honors College for the State of Florida.”  View University of South Florida Presidents from 1975 – 2001

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