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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) is responsible for the collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination of information from internal and external data sources in support of institutional planning, assessment, decision-making and policy formulation at New College of Florida.

Public Data Dashboards

Admission Rates

FTIC admission yields and acceptance rates by gender since 2001.

College Entrance Test Scores

SAT and ACT score percentiles by test type for enrolled first-year first-time in college students.

Courses Offered

View courses offered from Academic Year 2014-15 to 2020-21, sorted and filtered by area of concentration, or search for specific courses.


Enrollment headcounts, enrollment by gender, FTIC enrollment, enrollment by race/ethnicity, and enrollment by age. Longitudinal trends since 2001.

Enrollment – Maps & Disability

Undergraduate enrollment by U.S. College Board region since 2008, FTIC by state since 2003, international enrollment by country of origin since 2001, and enrollment with disability since 2008.

Faculty Information

Instructional faculty breakdown by full-time/part-time status, gender and student-to-faculty ratio.

Financial Aid

View key financial aid facts. Click on more details to see how financial aid has changed over the years.

First Year Retention and Graduation Rates

First Year Retention and Graduation Rates since 2001.

Full-Time Students Aid and Loans

The number of enrolled full-time students awarded need-based financial aid, non need-based scholarships and grants, and average loan indebtedness.

Graduates Headcount

Graduation numbers since 1967, degrees awarded by race/ethnicity and/or gender since 2002.

High School Rankings and GPA

Percent of first-time first-year in college by high school class rankings and high school GPA.

Undergraduate Costs

Cost of full-time tuition and fees, housing, and other expenses for undergraduate students.

Additional Public Resources 

Community Resources

Visit the NCF Community Pages (MyNCF login required) for IRA information for faculty, students (including Baccalaureate Audit resources), and community interactive data.

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Institutional Research & Assessment

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Cook Hall 226/227