Necmettin Yildirim

Professor of Mathematics; Soo Bong Chae Chair - Mathematics - Natural Sciences

Necmettin Yildirim
  • Phone: (941) 487-4214
  • Email:
  • Office Location: HNS 101
  • Mail Location: HNS 111

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Soo Bong Chae Professorship Chair

Ph.D., Ataturk University
M.Sc., Dumlupinar University
B.Sc., Middle East Technical University

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Professor Yildirim is an applied mathematician whose research is on mathematical modeling of biological systems with a focus on regulatory biochemical networks. Although many intracellular regulatory networks have been extensively studied using advanced experimental techniques, it has turned out to be quite difficult to make predictions about how individual components are assembled and dynamically regulated, and how the behavior of metabolism as a whole are related with the properties of the individual parts. Dr Yildirim is interested in development of quantitative mathematical models that are comparable with experimental data to address such questions.

Before coming to New College, Professor Yildirim held postdoctoral positions at UNC-Chapel Hill and McGill University.

Recent Courses
Linear Algebra
Mathematical Modeling I
Differential Equations
Advanced Linear Algebra

Selected Publications
Yildirim N.
, Violin JD., DiPilato LM., Elston TC., Zhang J. and Lefkowitz RJ. (2008), b2-adrenergic receptor signaling and desensitization elucidated by quantitative modeling of real-time cAMP dynamics, Journal of Biological Chemistry,283(5), 2949-2961.

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Yildirim, N.
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Yildirim, N.
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