Athena Rycyk

Assistant Professor of Biology and Marine Science - Biology - Interdisciplinary Programs - Marine Biology - Natural Sciences - Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center

Athena Rycyk
  • Phone: (941) 487-4223
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  • Office Location: HNS 255E
  • Mail Location: HNS E172C

Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography, Florida State University
M.S. in Biological Oceanography, Florida State University
BA. in Biological Psychology, New College of Florida

Personal webpage

Dr. Rycyk specializes in sirenian biology, including manatee-boat interactions, sensory capabilities, and vocal communication.  Florida manatees are threatened in part by mortality from boat collisions and her research has identified acoustic, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence manatee behavior around boats.  She also has interest in acoustic ecology of Sarasota Bay, including temporal and spatial patterns in sound production by bottlenose dolphins, manatees, and soniferous fish.  In her research she stresses the use of objective, reproducible, computational methods to extract behavioral and acoustic signals of interest in large datasets.  Dr. Rycyk’s teaching spans biology, ecology, acoustics, and oceanography.

Course Offerings

  • Marine Mammal Biology
  • Animal Behavior
  • Animal Behavior Laboratory
  • Marine Ecology Laboratory
  • Research Methods in Biology


Rycyk, Athena M.*, Tyson Moore, Reny B.*, Wells, Randall S., McHugh,  Katherine A., Berens McCabe, Elizabeth J., & Mann, David A. (2020) Passive Acoustic listening stations (PALS) show rapid onset of ecological effects of harmful algal blooms in real time. Scientific Reports, 10:17863.

*co-first authors

Rycyk, Athena M., Deutsch, Charles, J., Barlas, Margaret E., Hardy, Stacie, Frisch, Katherine, Leone, Erin H., & Nowacek, Doug P.  (2018) Manatee behavioral responses to boats. Marine Mammal Science,  39p.

Martin, Julien, Sabatier, Quentin, Gowan, Timothy A., Giraud, Christophe, Gurarie, Eliezer, Calleson, C. Scott, Ortega-Ortiz, Joel G., Deutsch, Charles J., Rycyk, Athena M., & Koslovsky, Stacie (2016) A quantitative framework for investigating risk of deadly collisions between marine wildlife and boats. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7: 42-50.