Alexandra Barbat

- Housing/Residential Life

Alexandra Barbat

Pronouns: she/her
Class/Year: 4th year
AOC: Political Science
My favorite New College Memory is: My first birthday on campus, my roommates threw me the sweetest birthday party. We watched Kung Fury and Ouran High School Host Club, which were possibly the lamest things we could have chosen. That night was the night my friends went from being cool acquaintances to best friends.
My hidden talent is: Making people think I’m professional and put together.
My hobbies are: Hanging out with my girlfriend and my friends, learning about reproductive justice, and hanging out on the B Dorm porch.
My dream job is: Whatever pays me enough (but realistically, something in social justice)
If I woke up as an animal I would be: A raccoon! They’re my favorite animals, they have wonderful little hands, and they eat trash just like me.