Manuel Lopez Zafra

Associate Professor of Religion - Humanities - Interdisciplinary Programs - International and Area Studies - Religion

Manuel Lopez Zafra

Ph.D. University of Virginia
M.A. University of Virginia
B.A. Universitat Pompeu Fabra

I am a scholar of Buddhism with a particular regional focus on Tibet and the Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan). I am an Assistant Professor of Religion at New College of Florida, where I teach courses on Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist Contemplative Systems, Hinduism, and Asian Religions in general. I am also interested in the intersection of religion and popular culture and write about it in a blog.



Forthcoming: Monastic Education in Bhutan: Tradition and Transformation in the 21st Century.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Book Chapters

  • Gyeltshen, Dorji, and Manuel Lopez, “If You Build Them, They Will Come: The Transformation of Female Monastic Education in Contemporary Bhutan.” In the Jacobsen, Knut A. Routledge Handbook of South Asian Religions. Milton: Taylor & Francis Group, 2020.
  • Gyeltshen, Dorji, and Manuel Lopez, “So Old and Yet So New: Buddhist Education and the Monastic Curriculum in Contemporary Bhutan.” In Proceedings of the Fifteenth Seminar of the IATS, 2019. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021. Accepted.

Book Reviews


Introduction to Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Religions, Japanese Religions, Buddhist Meditation, Hinduism, Religion and Popular Culture, Asian Philosophy and Religion, Introduction to Eastern Religious Traditions, Theory and Methods in the Study of Religion, God(s)


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