Gordon Bauer

Professor of Psychology; Peg Scripps Buzzelli Chair - Biopsychology - Interdisciplinary Programs - Psychology - Social Sciences

Gordon Bauer
  • Phone: (941) 487-4394
  • Email: bauer@ncf.edu
  • Office Location: BON 017
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

Professor of Psychology
Peg Scripps Buzzelli Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., University of Hawaii
M.S. Bucknell University
B.A., M.A., George Washington University

Professor Bauer is a biological psychologist specializing in animal sensory processes, cognition and behavior. He is currently studying vision, touch, and hearing of manatees, imitation and hearing by dolphins, hearing of loggerhead turtles, and behavior of humpback whales. He teaches courses in biological psychology, sensation and perception, animal learning, and statistics.
Recent Courses
Sensation and Perception
Animal Learning and Cognition
Biological Psychology
Introduction to Statistics
Selected Honors, Awards, Grants, and Appointments
Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science
National Science Foundation Grant, IOS-0920022, (The Animal Sensation and Movement panel of the Environmental and Structural Systems Cluster. Manatee Vibrissae: “A Mammalian Lateral Line?”. Supplementary education support for an interactive exhibit at Mote Marine Laboratory.
National Science Foundation Grant, IOS-0920022, (The Animal Sensation and Movement panel of the Environmental and Structural Systems Cluster. Manatee Vibrissae: “A Mammalian Lateral Line?”. A collaborative grant with Roger Reep, University of Florida and David Mann, University of South Florida, School of Marine Sciences.
Courtesy Faculty, University of Florida, Department of Physiological Science
Visiting Fellow, New College, Oxford University, England, summer 1999
Scientific Publications
Martin, K.J., Sarah C. Alessi, S.C., Gaspard,  J.C., Tucker, A.D., Bauer, G.B., & Mann, D.A.(accepted for publication). Underwater Hearing in the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta): A Comparison of Behavioral and Auditory Evoked Potential Audiograms. Journal of Experimental Biology.
Gaspard, J.C. Bauer, G.B., Reep, R.L. Dziuk, K., & Mann, D.A. (in press). Audiogram and Auditory Critical Ratios of Two Florida Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris). Journal of Experimental Biology.
Bauer, G.B., Gaspard III, J.C., Colbert, D.E., Leach, J.B. Stamper, S.A., Mann, D. Reep, R. (in press). Tactile discrimination of textures by Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris). Marine Mammal Science.
Reep, R.L., Gaspard, J.C., Sarko, D.K., Rice, F.L., Mann, D.A., Bauer, G.B. (2011) Manatee vibrissae: evidence for a “lateral line” function. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1225: 101-109.
Mann, D., Hill-Cook, M., Manire, C., Greenhow, D., Montie, E., Powell, J., Wells, R., Bauer, G., Cunningham-Smith, P., Lingenfelser, R., DiGiovanni, R. Jr., Stone, Brodsky, A.M., Stevens, R., Kieffer, G., & Hoetjes, P. (2010). Hearing loss in stranded odontocete dolphins and whales. PloS one 5(11): e13824. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0013824.
Bauer, G.B., Colbert, D.E. & Gaspard, J.C. (2010). Learning about Manatees: A Collaborative Program between New College of Florida and Mote Marine Laboratory to Conduct Laboratory Research for Manatee Conservation, International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 23, 811-825.
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Technical Reports
Mobley Jr, J. R., Spitz, S. S., Grotefendt, R., Forestell, P. H., Frankel, A. S., & Bauer, G.B. (2001). Abundance of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters: Results of 1993-2000 aerial surveys. Report prepared for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, 26, 2001.

Bauer, G.  An overview of the effects of vessel approaches on humpback whale behavior in Hawaii.  In Payne, P. Michael, Phillips, B., & Nitta, E.T.  Report of the Workshop to Assess Research and Other Needs and Opportunities Related to Humpback Whale Management in the Hawaiian Islands, Kaanapali, Maui, April 26-28, 1995, U.S. Department of Commerce., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-OPR-11,  p. 68-73.

Bauer, G.B. & Herman, L.M. (1986), The effect of vessel traffic on the behavior of humpback whales in Hawaii, Report to the National Marine Fisheries Service, Contract No. 41 USC 252.