Burcin Bozkaya

Director of Data Science & Professor of Data Science - Data Science Program - Graduate Studies

Burcin Bozkaya
  • Phone: (941) 487-4173
  • Email: bbozkaya@ncf.edu
  • Office Location: HNS E152
  • Mail Location: HNS E 172C

Ph.D., Management Science, University of Alberta, Canada
MS, Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey
BS, Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey

Dr. Burçin Bozkaya joined New College in August 2019 as the Director of the Graduate Program in Data Science. Previously, Dr. Bozkaya has been a professor of business analytics as well as an Associate Dean, MBA Program Director and Director of Behavioral Analytics & Visualization Lab at Sabanci Business School in Istanbul, Turkey. His research interests include big data analytics; customer behavior analytics and predictive analytics in finance, insurance and telecom; spatio-temporal modeling and analysis; transportation/logistics modeling and optimization; geographic information systems and decision support systems.

Dr. Bozkaya has also been a visiting professor at the Media Lab at MIT, analyzing high-dimensional data sets with millions of bank transactions and customer demographics, Syrian refugee call data records, insurance premium contracts and points of interest. Prior to joining academia in 2004, he worked for ESRI, Inc., a leading company specializing in GIS software and applications.

Course Offerings:
Practical Data Science
Industrial Practicum

Recent Publications:

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