Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is located within Hamilton Center; this flexible performance space seats approximately 50 people and has its own control booth for sound and lighting.

Movable stage platforms make it possible to adapt the space in a number of configurations, from seating in the round to more conventional theater-styles. True to its name, the windowless space offers the opportunity to present works in near-total darkness.

Intended first and foremost as a creative space for students. If you are interested in using the space or organizing an event in the BBT, please read the BBT Policies. You are responsible for upholding the BBT Policies and returning the BBT to its original state after use. For any further questions regarding the policy, please contact the Production Manager and Technical Director at

Partial funding for the Black Box Theater has been provided by a grant from the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation.

Performers at Black Box Theater

[performance @ new college]

[performance @ new college] is a collegiate theatrical production company under the artistic direction of the faculty in theatre and performance studies. The primary purpose of our production company is to provide practicum opportunities for students in the joint disciplinary Theatre AOC and to invite students from across the campus to engage with the performing arts.

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Windmill Theatre Company

The Windmill Theatre Company at New College of Florida is a nonprofit student-run organization that provides opportunities for theatrical experiences on campus.

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Comedy Friends

The Comedy Friends are the comedy improv group on campus who strive to create a safe and welcoming space for those who love to laugh and make others laugh in return.

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What's going on in the Black Box?

Performance Calendar

What's playing at the Black Box Theater? This calendar will keep you up to date.

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Check out the Theater Resources

BBT Availability Calendar

The BBT is used for classes, rehearsals, club meetings, performances and other theater-related activities.

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BBT Space Request Form

An online form to reserve the Black Box Theater.

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Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

The program in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies explores the dynamic nature and multivalent possibilities of performance as an interdisciplinary field.

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