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[performance @ new college] is a collegiate theatrical production company under the artistic direction of the faculty in theatre and performance studies. The primary purpose of our production company is to provide practicum opportunities for students in the joint disciplinary Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies Area of Concentration and to invite students from across the campus to engage with the performing arts.

There is a myriad of ways to work with [performance @ new college]. Any member of our campus community may audition to be an actor in one of our shows or be interviewed to work behind-the-scenes with technical areas such as costumes, sets, lights, or sound. Students from AOCs outside of theatre are highly encouraged to join us as part of the cast or crew as we collaboratively create canonical and contemporary works of theatre, movement pieces with more of a dance focus, or hybrid performance events that belie categorization.

Fall Production 2022

Stupid F*cking Bird

By Aaaron Posner
Directed by K.C. Casey
November 17-20, 2022
Black Box Theatre

Past Productions

Black Box Theater

Located within Hamilton Center, this flexible performance space seats approximately 50 people and has its own control booth for sound and lighting. Movable stage platforms make it possible to adapt the space in a number of configurations, from seating in the round to more conventional theater-styles. True to its name, the windowless space offers the opportunity to present works in near-total darkness.

Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies

The program in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) explores the dynamic nature and multivalent possibilities of performance as an interdisciplinary field, operating at the intersection of theory and practice. 

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