Uzi Baram

Professor of Anthropology; Director of New College Public Archaeology Lab - Anthropology - Gender Studies - Interdisciplinary Programs - Social Sciences

Uzi Baram
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  • Office Location: CHL 205
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

Professor of Anthropology
Director of New College Public Archaeology Lab

M.A., Ph.D. University of Massachusetts at Amherst
B.A. State University of New York at Binghamton

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Uzi Baram is an anthropologist who teaches a wide range of archaeology and cultural anthropology courses. As a New College professor, Professor Baram has moved his principle area of research from the eastern Mediterranean to the west coast of Florida. In the eastern Mediterranean he has studied the material culture, cultural landscapes, Western travel accounts, and social identities of the Ottoman Empire. Current research on the Middle East examines the intersection of archaeology and heritage tourism.

As a faculty member at New College, Professor Baram has created local programs in archaeology and heritage studies. For example, the public anthropology program Looking for Angola employs the dual lens of archaeology and ethnography to reveal a `history from below’ for an early nineteenth century maroon community in the context of the anthropological critiques of racism and the histories of southwestern Florida. As the founding director of the New College Public Archaeology Lab, Professor Baram has trained students in historic preservation, public outreach, and anthropological studies of the recent past.

Professor Baram has edited and contributed to A Historical Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire: Breaking New Ground (2000), Marketing Heritage: Archaeology and the Consumption of the Past (2004), and Between Art and Artifact: Approaches to Visual Representation in Historical Archaeology (2007) as well as many journal articles and research reports on historical archaeology, heritage, and the politics of the past.

Recent Courses
Historical Archaeology
Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective

Selected Publications
2012 Cosmopolitanism and Ethnogenesis, Colonialism and Resistance: Themes in the Historical Archaeology of Florida, edited by Uzi Baram and Dan Hughes. Thematic issue of Historical Archaeology Volume 46, number 1.

2011 “Archaeology in the Public Interest: Tourist Effects and Other Paradoxes that Come with Heritage Tourism” In Ideologies in Archaeology, edited by Reinhard Bernbeck and Randall McGuire, pp.107-129. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

2011 “Community Organizing in Public Archaeology: Coalitions for the Preservation of a Hidden History in Florida” Present Pasts 3(1):12-18.

2009 “Above and Beyond Ancient Mounds: The Archaeology of the Modern Periods in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.” In International Handbook of Historical Archaeology, edited by Teresita Majewski and David Gaimster, pp. 647-662. Springer, New York.

2009 “Learning Service and Civic Engagement: A Historic Cemetery as a Site for Grappling with Community, Politics, and Commemoration” In Archaeology and Community Service Learning, edited by Michael Nassaney and Mary Ann Levine, pages 110-121. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

2008 “A Haven from Slavery on Florida’s Gulf Coast: Looking for Evidence of Angola on the Manatee River” African Diaspora Archaeology Network Newsletter June 2008.

2008 “Finding Lost Settlements with Multi-channel 3D GPR: Examples from North Carolina and Florida” third author with Ralf Birken and Eric Klingehlofer.  FastTIMES: News for the Near-surface Geophysical Sciences 13(3):42-50.

2007 Between Art and Artifact. Edited by Diana DiPaolo Loren and Uzi Baram. Thematic issue of Historical Archaeology Volume 41, number 1.

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2006 “Global Markets, Local Practice: Ottoman-period Clay Pipes and Smoking Paraphernalia from the Red Sea Shipwreck at Sadana Island, Egypt” Second author with Cheryl Ward. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 10(2):135-158

2004 Marketing Heritage:  Archaeology and the Consumption of the Past.  Edit by Yorke Rowan and Uzi Baram. AltaMira Press, Walnut Creek, California.

2002 “Seeing Differences: Travellers to Ottoman Palestine and Accounts of Diversity” Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing 3(2):29-49.

2002 “The Development of Historical Archaeology in Israel:  An Overview and Prospects” Historical Archaeology 36(4):12-29

2000  A Historical Archaeology of the Ottoman Empire: Breaking New Ground. Edited by Uzi Baram and Lynda Carroll.  Plenum/Kluwer Academic Press, New York. Translated into Turkish in 2004 as Osmanlı Arkeolojisi, by Bilgi Altinok. Kitap Yayinevi, Istanbul.