Thomas Olshewsky

Research Scholar, Humanities - Humanities

Thomas Olshewsky
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Research Scholar, Humanities

Ph.D., Emory University
Ma., McCormick Theological Seminary
B.A. Wabash College

Professor Olshewsky has retired from the University of Kentucky where he served at various times as chair of the Department of Philosophy and of the Program in Linguistics and of the Faculty Council for the College of Arts and Sciences. He has taught a wide variety of courses, not only in philosophy, but also in linguistics and psychology. His chief research interests include historical studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy (Plato; Aristotle; the Skeptics), Modern European Philosophy (Hume) and Classical American Philosophy (Peirce, Dewey), as well as work in contemporary cognitive science (philosophical linguistics, philosophical psychology, moral psychology). He has published books on Philosophy of Language, Logic, Ethics and Semiotics. His forty essays have appeared in such professional journals as The American Philosophical Quarterly, The Journal for the History of Ideas, The British Journal for History of Philosophy, Philosophical Inquiry, The Monist, The Journal of Religion, Linguistics, and The Classical Quarterly. He has presented more than eighty papers at refereed professional meetings, and lectured throughout the county and around the world, in Scotland, Israel, New Zealand, and China.

Recent Courses
Formal Logic
Introduction to Philosophy