Tarron Khemraj

Professor of Economics and International Studies, William & Marie Selby Chair - Economics - Environmental Studies - Interdisciplinary Programs - Public Policy - Quantitative Social Science - Social Sciences

Tarron Khemraj
  • Phone: (941) 487-4422
  • Email: tkhemraj@ncf.edu
  • Office Location: ACE 230
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

Ph.D., New School for Social Research
M.A. (Development Economics), University of Manchester
B.Soc.Sc., University of Guyana

My unorthodox research is motivated by questions I encountered while working as an economist at the Bank of Guyana, living through currency devaluations, and observing ethno-political contests while actively participating in electoral politics in Guyana. Therefore, my papers usually do not follow the hot topics of the day. 

In terms of ontology, epistemology and methodology, my research embodies the following features: (i) no microfoundation of macroeconomics; (ii) microeconomics is utilized for studying partial equilibria problems and for its own sake, not for the foundation of macroeconomics; (iii) institutional and external consistency; and (iv) mixed methodologies such as econometrics, historically-inspired models and narratives, and dynamic stock-flow models. 

Recent Courses

  • Econometrics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • International Economics
  • Money, Banking and Financial Markets
  • Understanding Capitalism
  • Development Economics

Work in Progress

  • “Central bank securities and FX market intervention in a developing economy” (co-author: Eli Direye)
  • “Dominant currency and exchange market pressure” (co-author: Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan)
  • “MMT-like activities in a managed exchange rate economy”

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • “Foreign exchange pressure in Barbados: monetary approach or monetary dependence?” Review of Political Economy, Vol. 31 (2), 2019 (co-author: Darrin Downes).
  • “Geography, economic structures and institutions: a synthesis,” Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Vol. 51, December, 2019 (co-author: Collin Constantine).
  • “Monetary policy and excess liquid assets in small open developing economies.” In Handbook of Small States: Economic, Social and Environmental Issues (edited by L. Briguglio), London and New York: Routledge Taylor and Francis, 2018.
  • “The effectiveness of quantitative easing: new evidence on private investment,” Applied Economics, Vol. 48 (28), 2016 (co-author Sherry X. Yu).
  • “The political economy of Guyana’s underdevelopment,” Review of Black Political Economy, Vol. 43, September, 2016.
  • “The colonial origins of Guyana’s underdevelopment,” Social and Economic Studies, Vol. 64, No. 2&3, 2015.
  • Money, Banking and the Foreign Exchange Market in Emerging Economies, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar, 2014.
  • “Bank liquidity preference and the investment demand constraint,” Economic Modelling, Vol. 33 (July), 2013.
  • “Analysis of an unannounced foreign exchange regime change,” Economic Systems, Vol. 36 (1), 2012 (co-author Sukrishnalall Pasha).
  • “Dual nominal anchors in the Caribbean,” Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 39 (4), 2012 (co-author Sukrishnalall Pasha).
  • “What does excess bank liquidity say about the loan market in Less Developed Countries?” Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 62 (1), 2010.