Emily Fairchild

Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies - Gender Studies - Interdisciplinary Programs - Social Sciences - Sociology

Emily Fairchild
  • Phone: (941) 487-4484
  • Email: efairchild@ncf.edu
  • Office Location: ACE 232
  • Mail Location: SSC 102

Director, Gender Studies Program

Ph.D., M.A. Indiana University
B.A. Purdue University

Professor Fairchild’s primary research and teaching interests combine social psychology and the sociology of culture, with a focus on gender. She is currently analyzing original survey data on how collegiate women athletes manage the “feminine/athlete” paradox while competing. Additional on-going projects include an analysis of gendered rituals in weddings and commitment ceremonies, an examination of the role of the body in maintaining and challenging institutionalized understandings, and an application of “inhabited institutionalism” to the case of gender.

Professor Fairchild regularly incorporates these topics in her courses on gender, culture, social psychology, and research methods (see frequently offered courses below). She is also engaged with the sociology of teaching and learning, and has published on students’ consumerist attitudes toward higher education. She is happy to offer tutorials related to her research topics, as well as feminist methodology, micro-sociological theory, and animals and society.

Recent Courses
Social Psychology
Sociology of Gender and the Body
Research Methods
Contemporary Gender Seminar
Identity, Self, and Impression Management Seminar
Senior Thesis Seminar
Queer Studies Seminar
Studying Culture on the Micro Level (Advanced Qualitative Methods Seminar)

Selected Publications
2014. Emily Fairchild and Suzanna Crage. “Beyond the Debates: Measuring and Specifying Student Consumerism.” Sociological Spectrum 34,5.

2014. “Examining Wedding Rituals through a Multidimensional Gender Lens: The Analytic Importance of Attending to (In)consistency.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 43,3:361-389.

2013. Review of Magnet, Shoshana Amielle. 2011. When Biometrics Fail: Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Contemporary Sociology 42,4:585-6.

2011. Janice McCabe, Emily Fairchild, Liz Grauerholz, Bernice Pescosolido, and Daniel Tope. “Gender in Twentieth-Century Children’s Books: Patterns of Disparity in Titles and Central Characters.” Gender & Society 25,2:197-226.

Reprinted in: The Kaleidoscope of Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities, 4th edition. Edited by Joan Z. Spade and Catherine G. Valentine. Sage, 2014.

2011. “Feminism’s Sources, Solutions, and Synergies.” Review of Lorber, Judith. Gender Inequality: Feminist Theories and Practice, 4th Ed. New York, Oxford University Press. Sex Roles64,5:443-5.

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2005. “Learning from ‘Doing Sociology’: Research-Based Service-Learning” Creative College Teaching Journal 2,1: 55-64.