Global Scholarships, Fellowships, & Funding Opportunities

Funded research opportunities, study abroad scholarships, undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships and fellowships are valuable experiences that will help prepare you to reach your professional and career goals.

prestigious Global Scholarships, Fellowships, and Funding Opportunities 

Each year, New College of Florida students are awarded some of the most prestigious global scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and post-graduate study, language study, study abroad, and teaching and research abroad.  In general, these awards recognize and support academic achievement and potential.  Some focus on potential and support study abroad and language learning, experiences that contribute to both short term and long term success.  Others recognize significant academic and leadership achievement and provide support for continuing to develop that potential at the graduate level or provide opportunities for independent research or a creative project, to pursue graduate degrees, or to teach and learn with people around the world.  Since scholarships are investments in your potential, you should expect to invest considerable time in developing a thoughtful and well-crafted application.  The Assistant Director of Prestigious Fellowships in the CEO provides support and guidance for opportunities that can help you achieve your professional or career goals.

Pathways to Professional and Career Development

Funded research opportunities, study abroad scholarships, undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships and fellowships – all are valuable experiences that will help prepare you to reach your professional and career goals.  With a summer research experience through the National Science Foundation -Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) program, for example, you can gain valuable research experience and earn up to $5,000.  A Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad can support a study abroad experience that can change your perception of who you are and what you can do.  National undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships can provide financial support for your undergraduate studies and help you prepare for careers in research, public policy, and the foreign service … to name just a few of the possibilities.

Early engagement with scholarship and funding opportunities can play a valuable role in academic and career planning.

  • Applying for a scholarship or funding opportunity will help you build important transferable skills:  articulating a goal and identifying the steps to achieve the goal, writing concisely and persuasively for an audience, planning a budget, working with mentors, and managing a project.
  • Funding support for study abroad and/or summer research can provide experiences that will contribute to your thesis, other academic or career goals, at the same time they contribute to personal development, career planning and post-graduate success.
  • Developing a competitive application for national scholarship or funding opportunities can help you clarify your academic and career goals, identity programs of study or other learning experiences that will contribute to post-graduate success, and develop ways of articulating your experiences, goals, and ambitions to others.

For a one-on-one to discuss national funding opportunities, global fellowships and scholarships, or Student Research and Travel Grants (SRTG) schedule a Fellowships appointment through Handshake (tile in myNCF) with Duane Smith, the Assistant Director of Prestigious Fellowships.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Funding Opportunities

Every year, undergraduates from across the country compete for some of the most prestigious national scholarships, fellowships, and funding opportunities. Wondering what these opportunities are?  Here’s a brief overview”

  • Funding Opportunities, or Educational Enrichment Experiences, provide funding for Undergraduates to engage, typically for a summer, in a particular field of study – research in the sciences, exploration of international affairs, language learning – that enhances their undergraduate program of study and prepares them for post-graduate study or professional development.
  • Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Scholarships provide financial assistance for students to continue their undergraduate studies or pursue post-graduate degrees. In general, scholarships recognize academic achievement and potential.  Some opportunities support students while they are undergraduates and focus on a particular endeavor such as Study Abroad or a specific field of study, such as the environment or a STEM discipline. Others support students seeking to further their educational after completing their undergraduate degree, and students can apply to them in their fourth-year as they are planning their post-graduate studies. Opportunities are available for both domestic and international programs of study.
  • Service and Teaching Fellowships, typically a year-long, post-graduate experience, offer opportunities for new graduates to contribute to the mission of a non-profit, gain experience teaching in the US or abroad, and/or develop their leadership skills.  While engaged in these experiences, Fellows can explore career options, discover strengths and interests, and develop personal and professional, career-related skills.  Working with and for others can sharpen the focus of career goals at the same time it can provide a transitional, even transformative experience.

To explore the many Scholarships, Fellowships, and Funding Opportunities, click here.

New College Student Research and Travel Grants (SRTG) 

Undergraduate research is a hallmark of the New College experience. Student Research and Travel Grants (SRTG) support thesis-related research and travel, conference presentations, and independent study projects.  SRTG is funded through the New College Alumnae/i Association and the New College Foundation.  Learn more.