Physical Plant

The New College Physical Plant Department provides and maintains the physical environment to promote the learning and education for our students, residential dormitories, custodial services, landscaping and grounds.

Facilities Management and Physical Plant


The primary mission of the New College of Florida Physical Plant department is to maintain a safe, clean, attractive environment for our students to learn and live in. Our responsibility is immense and varied, consisting of 54 different buildings dating back to 1930, 750,000 square feet of buildings and 114 acres of grounds. The department consists of three basic areas with different responsibilities:

  • Custodial: daily routine cleaning, trash removal, floor care.
  • Grounds: keeping the grounds picked up from debris, mowing trimming, landscaping projects.
  • Maintenance: repair to plumbing systems, electrical, utility systems, light bulb replacement, running a 2,500-ton chiller plant for chilled water distribution, carpentry, HVAC, building envelope, roof systems, fire alarm, security and emergency evacuation systems.

In order to maintain this size of campus takes 45 full-time employees of dedicated staff providing services 24/7 responding to the many needs of the campus.

As a department of this size, we utilize data-driven processes of continuous process improvement. The department is continuously exploring new opportunities to improve its service with lower cost by improving efficiency.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All nonemergency work may be submitted via School Dude Help Desk application, by fax at 941-487-4239 or campus mail. Resident students are encouraged to submit work requests via our online work request system; please make sure to check “housing” box.

Emergency Service

All calls for emergency service (situations that are life-threatening or likely to cause severe damage to a college building or facility) should be called in immediately. At night, during weekends or holidays, call the Campus Police at 941-487-4210.

Routine Preventive Maintenance

The Physical Plant Department is allocated an annual Education and General (E&G) budget for the maintenance of the University’s E&G buildings, grounds and utilities. This money is used for campus maintenance, repairs and in-kind replacements. It is not used for new construction, expansion, renovation or facility alterations.

The Service Center manages a routine inspection and preventive maintenance program (which includes computer-generated work orders) for major building systems, including lighting, plumbing, pumping, and environmental systems. This program reduces the number of maintenance requests significantly. However, departments can report any work they feel needs to be done.

Contact Information

For high profile items, or if you are not sure who in Physical Plant needs to be contacted, contact Alan and/or Curtis. 

Alan Burr: Director of Facilities and Construction    | (941) 487-4245

Curtis Davis: Assistant Director of Physical Plant    | (941) 487-4695

Specific Points of Contact:

Contact the following people for specific projects or requests related to their job.  

Sheila Foley: Custodial Coordinator

Point of contact for cleaning and trash services and immediate related needs. You can also make a work request through our work request system to make cleaning and trash related requests.    |   (941) 487-4364

Itza Frisco: Construction and Projects Coordinator

Point of contact for interior and exterior renovations, including but not limited to: painting, flooring, and room remodeling.   |     (941) 487-4694

Seni Ok: Maintenance Coordinator

Point of contact for maintenance related requests and emergencies. You can also make a work request through our work request system in School Dude to make maintenance requests.    | (941) 487-4236

Ken Harris: Landscape & Grounds Coordinator

Point of contact for all landscape & grounds related requests and emergencies. Work requests can be made through the School Dude work request system.    | (941) 487-4244



Additional Information

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Work Orders

Work orders should be submitted in lieu of emails and phone calls. Work orders are required for all nonemergency maintenance requests.


Key Request Form

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