Real Life

At New College, you’re surrounded by an intellectual community of students and professors who value your individuality, and push you to discover your passions, pursue your ideals and form lifelong bonds.

Real world learning

Most of what you learn at New College takes place in small classes, in the form of tutorials on specific subjects related to your academic program and through one-on-one interaction with your professors, who offer plenty of direct engagement and guidance, and supervise your independent study. The accessibility of our professors and the close working relationships you forge with them during your time here are the hallmarks of a New College education. You’re not likely to find it elsewhere.

Of course, learning also takes place outside the classroom. While you’ll spend a lot of time poring over texts, researching, reading and writing, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to venture beyond the page and engage in immersion projects both on and off campus. Internships, grants, on-site independent projects and collaborative research with your professors will give you the chance to expand your horizons. You’ll be able to engage in hands-on learning to make your academic studies come to life. This “real world” experience, coupled with classroom learning, tutorials and independent study projects, enriches your New College academic experience. It’s what makes New College a totally unique place.

Hands-On Research

New College of Florida offers a unique undergraduate experience, preparing our students for graduate school and beyond. New College is …

Since your faculty advisor knows you both inside and outside of the class, he or she also acts as a career mentor, helping you locate opportunities for off-campus research or to broaden your experiences and better prepare you for graduate school or work after New College. Several professors lead their own research trips and invite students to participate.

For example, some of our students have:

  • Participated in an interactive internship in the Florida House of Representatives under the guidance of a political science professor that included lobbying for nonprofit organizations, gathering legislative research, writing press releases and analyzing policies, along with weekly seminars.
  • Worked with an anthropology professor to uncover the remains of a 19th-century community of escaped slaves that once lived on the south side of the Manatee River, a project that involved students in public outreach, land and river surveys, and excavations.
  • Created and performed experimental music performances or composed music performed by a professional ensemble – both presented for the general public and developed under the guidance of New College music professors.
  • Fed and studied manatees at a world-renowned marine laboratory under the guidance of a psychology professor who specializes in the sensory development and protection of these gentle creatures.
  • Helped to seek a cure for lupus and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis by participating in a National Institutes of Health research grant, working alongside scientists and researchers to study how B-cells act and react to autoimmune diseases.
  • Traveled to Peru to study the behavior of insects in the Amazon rain forest.
  • Worked alongside their science professor to study endosperm development in corn to find ways to better feed the world’s hungry.
  • Interned with the National Zoo and Jane Goodall Institute in Washington, D.C., or assisted with an Early Intervention Program in Massachusetts.

At New College, the world is really our classroom. Whether we are studying tree canopies at the nearby Carlton Preserve, presenting at an international conference in Germany or traveling aboard a research vessel in Antarctica, there are hundreds of opportunities for off-campus study, and we encourage it.

Come to New College, and be an explorer.