New College is #1 in Florida for voter registration and turnout for the 2020 election, and was #1 in the US in 2018.

Your voice, your vote

At New College of Florida, we take voting seriously. As an institution that empowers the intellectually curious, we want to empower and motivate students to establish civic habits, such as voting, that last beyond the collegiate experience. Incorporating democratic engagement in campus life helps students explore their political beliefs and values, and fosters the individual’s effective relationship with society.

NCF received national awards from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge in recognition of the college’s high level of student voting during the 2018 election, and again in 2020!

This page is full of tools and resources to help you navigate the world of voting. You will be able to register to vote, complete a vote-by-mail ballot request (absentee ballot), and find frequently asked questions regarding voting in Florida. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the SAuCE office at [email protected].

Remember, your vote makes an impact.

In addition to voting, working the polls for election day is an effective way to continue your civic engagement.  Due to COVID-19, many states have decreased the number of polling locations due to most poll workers being elderly and are staying home.

Note: The voter information on this page is specific to the state of Florida. If you are from another state, please check your state/county voter website for help.

Turbo Vote

New College has partnered with TurboVote to help students register to vote, request absentee ballots, and remind them about upcoming elections and voter deadlines. It is very simple to register with TurboVote and a completed voter registration form will arrive via snail mail to be signed and dropped in the mail. If necessary, a completed absentee ballot request form will follow. All forms are sent with pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes. They make sure you always know when elections are happening, and have the information you need to vote with confidence.

2020 Voting Rates

New College of Florida student voting on increased significantly in last year’s presidential election, rising to 82.1% in 2020 from a rate of 74.6% in 2016. View the full campus report.

Upcoming Elections

  • Voter Registration Deadline: Monday, July 25
  • Early Voting: To be determined
  • Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed: 5 p.m., Saturday, August 13

  • Voter Registration Deadline: Monday, October 11
  • Early Voting:  To be determined
  • Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed: 5 p.m., Saturday, October 29

Frequently Asked Questions

In partisan contests in a primary election, a voter may only vote for the candidates of the party in which they are registered. The voter’s ballot style is tied to their party affiliation.

Voters registered with no party affiliation (NPA) are not eligible to vote for partisan candidates in a primary election unless a Universal Primary Contest (UPC) occurs.

All registered voters regardless of party affiliation are entitled to vote on non-partisan candidates and issues.

In a General Election, all registered voters receive the same ballot regardless of their party affiliation and are eligible to vote for any candidate.

  • If you are utilizing the service TurboVote to register, you can either print your filled out voter registration application, or you can have it mailed to you. You can also register by going to or your county’s supervisor of election’s page. Once you have received your voter registration application, and signed and dated it, you have a few options. You can mail your application to your county supervisor of elections once you download and complete the form. This method requires a first-class postage stamp.
  • You may also hand-deliver the application to any supervisor of elections office in the state, a driver license office, a voter registration agency or armed forces recruitment office, or to the Division of Elections.
  • A final option is to drop it off at the Student Activities and Campus Engagement office located in HCL 4 during office hours. Please email [email protected] if you plan to drop off your application so we can set an appointment.

  • In 2017, Florida launched a new site,, which allows Floridians to register or update their registration online. You can also check to make sure you are already registered, and update anything you need to update.
  • There is also the Voter Information Lookup Tool on the Florida Division of Elections website.
  • You can also go to your county’s supervisor of elections office and look up your voter registration there. Your county can help you update your registration.

  • Have you changed your name? You should make sure your name is the same as it is on your driver’s license.
  • Have you changed your address? Your address is important to make sure you go to the right precinct.
  • Is your political party listed correctly? If you want to vote in a particular political primary, you must be registered with the right party. This is not important for the general elections.

In order to register to vote on campus, you must register with your residence hall’s physical address, not the university’s address. In addition, there is a place on the voter registration form to include a mailing address so that you can receive your mail to your student address.

Dort: 5660 General Twining, Sarasota, FL 34243

Goldstein: 5680 General Twinning, Sarasota, FL 34243

V: 5659 General Twinning, Sarasota, FL 34243

W (Peterson): 5661 General Twinning, Sarasota, FL 34243

X (Searing): 5679 General Twinning, Sarasota, FL 34243

Y: 5677 General Twinning, Sarasota, FL 34243

Z: 5835 General Dougher Pl, Sarasota, FL 34243

B: 5790 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243

Pei 1st Court: 5809 General Dougher Pl, Sarasota, FL 34243

Pei 2nd Court: 5790 General Dougher Pl, Sarasota, FL 34243

Pei 3rd Court: 5641 General Dougher Pl, Sarasota, FL 34243

  • You can pre-fill out your vote-by-mail request using TurboVote. TurboVote will take you step by step on how to complete it online. You can also go to your county’s supervisor of elections website to fill out the vote-by-mail request
  • Be sure you use an updated address in the county/city you wish to receive your vote-by-mail ballot.  This is vital to your ability to vote. Please verify the address before you complete your request.
  • If you vote by mail, make sure your current signature matches the signature your county elections office has on file. Signatures can change over the years, if you think your signature has changed check with your county elections office
  • To track your absentee ballot visit your county’s supervisor of elections website.

To vote at the polls in FL, you must provide picture identification that also shows a signature OR picture identification and another form of ID with your signature.

Examples of accepted photo IDs with a signature are:

  • Florida driver’s license (out-of-state licenses are not acceptable)
  • Florida identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • United States passport
  • And more…check your local county elections office 

If you have additional questions about voter ID, please contact your local elections office.

If your photo ID does not have your signature, you will be asked to provide another ID that does have your signature.