Brilliantly Unique. Uniquely Brilliant.

New College's unique academic program offers numerous undergraduate research opportunities, small classes, narrative evaluations instead of grades, and one-on-one mentoring by faculty.

Make New College Your Home In Your Hometown.

A high-quality education against the backdrop of bayfront Sarasota. That’s us, New College—the state of Florida’s honors college—and we happen to be right in your backyard. Our personalized, career-centric collegiate experience is a hometown homerun—for your budget, for your family and for your future.

Make New College Your New Home

We're designed for success

Unique Academic Program

Amazing research opportunities are common occurrences at New College and offer students real-world research experience from day one.

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Experiential Learning

At New College, you’re surrounded by an intellectual community of students and professors who value your individuality, and push you to discover your passions, pursue your ideals and form lifelong bonds.

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Small classes. Big conversations.

Many large universities require freshmen to take some classes from their computers because they simply don’t have large enough lecture halls for them all to attend in person. That will never happen at New College.

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