We have a range of programs, resources and services to help you thrive at New College, from assistance with academic and career planning, to your health and well-being on campus.

From mini-classes to your baccalaureate exam to your first job interview, you can turn to faculty and staff members to help you plan your path to graduation and beyond. A team of advisers, mentors and coaches will collaborate with you as you choose classes, explore areas of concentration, seek internships, conduct research, enhance academic skills, and pursue international opportunities. Just as importantly, you’ll find many resources on campus to support your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Your Personal Support Team

Navigate New and Find Your Crew.

To help you transition to college, you’ll enroll in our SET SAIL First-Year Seminar Program—led by a teaching team that will introduce you to career coaches, librarians, writing assistants and more. Your faculty adviser will work with you to develop your academic contract each semester, helping you choose courses and pursue learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

Study by the Seaside and Get Social.

Close your eyes and envision a vibrant campus on the waterfront, filled with sunset study sessions and sailing adventures. Welcome to your happy place. There’s something for everyone here—from classes at our fitness center to sports teams like weightlifting and rowing. The Student Activities and Campus Engagement (SA[u]CE) office his ready to introduce you to student clubs and happenings!

Mind Your Body and Soul.

While you’re connecting to your new campus, you’ll have full backing from the Counseling and Wellness Center, Advocacy and Accessible Learning Center, and the Office of Outreach and Inclusive Excellence. With encouragement like this in your corner, you’re covered.

Come As You Are: Uniquely Brilliant.

You’ll feel at home in our diverse, inclusive campus environment, where you can be exactly—and brilliantly—you. Openness, kindness and mutual respect are what make us a close-knit community. Find out more about Diversity & Inclusion at New College Diversity & Inclusion